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Daniel Svensson - Selected as one of Tomorrow's Sports Researchers by the Swedish Olympic Committee

Daniel Svensson. Picture by: Florence Oppenheim
Published Dec 20, 2021

Daniel Svensson, assistant professor in sports management at the Department of Sports Sciences (IDV) at Malmö University, was previously a doctoral student at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment. Now he is one of nine researchers selected as one of tomorrow's sports researchers by the Swedish Olympic Committee, SOK.

The selected reseascher will participate in a new development program within Olympisk Offensiv from 2022, where they receive support and get opportunities for cooperation in Olympic sports.

In December 2016 Daniel successfully defended his thesis Scientizing performance in endurance sports: The emergence of 'rational training' in cross-country skiing, 1930-1980 in the Historical studies of technology, science and the environment at the Division. His research focus was on the development of cardio training during the 20th century and how the role of science has increased. Supervisor was Prof. Sverker Sörlin.

Belongs to: Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment
Last changed: Dec 20, 2021