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At the Division of Philosophy, we offer our own courses and we also participate in courses formally given by other departments. This applies to education targeted at the engineering programs (first and second cycles) as well as to PhD education (third cycle).

General Information


If you are a KTH student, contact your student councilor in order to apply for KTH courses.

If you are an external student, apply via


Most KTH courses are available in Canvas, where you find course material, assignments and other course information. We use Canvas for all our courses. In order to get access to a course page in Canvas, you must be registered on the course.


Registration is necessary in order to get access to the course page in Canvas, to sign up for an exam, and to get credits for a course. Registration is also a prerequisite for receiving student finance from CSN.

In connection to course start, register on the courses that you have been admitted to. Course registration is done via Ladok for students .

Remember that you must be course registered in order to keep access to course pages in Canvas after the registration period.

Courses that extend over more than one term, for example a course that begins in the fall term and ends in the spring term, require re-registration in the second term.

If you experience problems with your registration, or missed the registration deadline – send an e-mail to

Temporary Break:

If you wish to discontinue a course after having registered, then you record an interruption in course via Ladok for students or via Manage my studies that you find in the services section in your personal menu.

Re-registration on Course:

In order to register for a course again (re-registration), contact

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