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Anders Malmquist

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Om mig

I am Program Director for the master program Sustainable Energy Engineering.

In my research, I am responsible for research area Polygeneration and the leader of the Polygeneration research group within the Energy Department. The research is focussed on small-scale combined energy systems utilizing various combinations renewable energy sources to produce multiple energy services like electricity, heating, chilling and water treatment. The integration of small-scale Gasification systems and Biogas Digestion systems with other renewable sources, such as Windpower and solar PV is a focus area in the research.

My PhD thesis is on system design of hybrid electric trucks and buses. The technology used in such vehicles show big similarities with technology of Polygeneration systems. My current research cover control and energy buffering in small-scale Polygeneration systems for, among else, rural and/or remote areas as well as for supply of energy services in emergency situations. Another research area of mine is Electric Roadway Systems, where the energy supply to such roads is studied and optimized.


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Other publications

19.   A hybrid drive for the car of the future (Volvo ECC). ABB Review 9/93.

20.   Advanced Hybrid Propulsion system for Volvo ECT, Volvo Technology Report 1995.

21.   Hybrid drive for low-emission trucks and buses, ABB Review nr 5/7 1996.

22.   Microturbines: speeding the shift to distributed heat and power, ABB Review nr3 2000.


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