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Annika Andreasson

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About me

I am a doctoral student at the Division for Media Technology and Interaction Design and affiliated with the Center for Cyber Defence and Information Security, CDIS, at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. My research project is focused on Cyber Situation Awareness. Henrik Artman, Joel Brynielsson and Ulrik Franke are my advisors.

Previous education and experience:  I hold an M.Sc. in Information Security and a B.A. in English from Stockholm University. In addition, I have studied at the University of Sheffield, U.K., and the University of Padova, Italy.


  On November 6-7, I participated in the workshop Trust and Resilience in Digital Societies at Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Annika Andreasson presenting at WISC

On June 27-29 2023, I gave a lightning talk and participated in the Women in Security and Cryptography workshop at the CASA Cluster of Excellence in Bochum, Germany.
KTH logo I presented my 50% seminar at MID on June 20, 2023. Ulrik Spak, the Swedish Defence University, acted as my opponent.
KTH logo On June 12-16 2023, I participated in the Cybersecurity and Privacy Summer School CySeP '23 in Kista, Sweden.
CDIS Logo On June 8 2023, I presented Center for Cyber Defence and Information Security at the EECS Summer event.


Computer Networks (EP111U), assistant | Course web

Computer Systems (EP121U), assistant | Course web

Cybersecurity in a Socio-Technical Context (DD2510), teacher | Course web