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Matthäus Bäbler

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MSc in Chemical Engineering ETH Zurich, 2001. PhD in Chemical Engineering ETH Zurich, 2007. Docent in Kemitekink, KTH 2015.

Implementing new processes or improving existing ones requires deep understanding of the molecular and macroscopic phenomena that control a process. My research aims at achieving such insight through the combined use of laboratory experiments, pilot scale experiments, numerical simulations, and mathematical modelling. My areas of interests are carbon capture, thermochemical conversion of fuels, and processes involving particles suspended in a liquids.

Currently, I am working on absorption technologies for carbon capture which has seen a strong revival in the Nordic countries in recent years. Beyond that I have experience in adsorption and continuous chromatography, packed bed modeling, industrial crystallization, characterization of particulate systems, and population balance modeling. A substantial part of my work dealt with aggregation and fragmentation of suspended particles in turbulence which I studied both experimentally and through the use of refined numerical techniques, ranging from CFD to Stokesian dynamics and discrete element methods. I am active as a teacher and have teaching experience in various disciplines of chemical engineering, including reaction engineering, separation processes, process design and flow sheeting, and mathematical methods. Currently, I am managing education in transport phenomena within the study programTeknisk kemi/Chemical Engineering for Energy and Environment.


Degree Project in Chemical Engineering, Second Cycle (KE200X), examiner | Course web

Degree Project in Engineering Chemistry, First Cycle (KA103X), assistant | Course web

Project in Chemical Engineering (KE2910), examiner | Course web

Project in Chemical Engineering (KE2905), examiner | Course web

Scientific Methodology and Research Horizons (CK2030), teacher | Course web

Transport Phenomena (KE1170), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Transport Phenomena, Advanced Course (KE2070), examiner, course responsible | Course web