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Albania Nissan

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Associate Professor


Brinellv 23

About me

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from Mosul university in Iraq), Building engineer, Institution for technical education, Linköping University and Master of Science and PhD from KTH. I have 15 years’ experience in teaching. Before joining KTH I worked as project leader for a channel project in Iraq. In KTH I worked as Lecturer between (2000-2012) and as associate professor (2012- up now). Since 2000, I have also been study director for education track of Traffic Engineering at the division of Transport planning, economy and Engineering at Institute of Transportation Science at the ABE School at KTH. I conduct research and education in the areas of traffic and transport planning.

In 2007 I received the Pedagogical award from Royal Institute of technology, KTH for outstanding practical teaching achievement through the undergraduate education.

In 2019 I received the Pedagogical award from the Nordic Road Forum's (NVF) for strong own commitment to my field, in addition to significant experience working as a study director and thereby developing teaching quality.


Degree Project in Civil Engineering, First Cycle (AH101X), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Railway and Rail Traffic, Second Cycle (AH204X), examiner | Course web

Degree Project in Transport Science, Second Cycle (AH203X), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Introduction to the Planning and Building Process (AI1527), teacher | Course web

Logistics and Transportation (AH2102), examiner | Course web

Research Methodology and Communication Skills (AH2178), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Technology for Teachers in grades 7-9 (LL137U), teacher | Course web

Traffic Engineering and Management (AH2171), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Traffic Simulation Modelling and Applications (AH2174), examiner | Course web

Traffic and Road Engineering, Basic Course (AH1022), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Urban Development and Transport System (AH1030), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web