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Other Projects and Outreach presentations

Technical report:


Isabelle Gouwy

Title: On the investigation of transducer defects using programmable ultrasound systems. full text


PhD Thesis:


Douwe Kamsma 

Title: Acoustic Force Spectroscopy (AFS)
from single molecules to single cells

Public defence: 17th fo May 2018, Vrije Universitet, Amsterdam







Gymnasium students thesis work:


Samuel Hudak, Markus Sörqvist

Title: Plastic pollution and echolocalization. (Eng)

Gymnasiearbete om plasters effekt på ekolokalisering (Sw)

Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate how plastic pollution can affect dolphins’ ability to use echo localization as a means to locate prey and navigate its surroundings, and to an extent also explores some other negative side-effects that plastic pollution could have on aquatic mammals. A test was conducted where different sorts of hard plastic was placed between a contact surface and a transducer, from which sound waves were sent. Fluctuations in amplitude, time and frequency from returning sound waves were recorded through excel, and with these parameters it was possible to observe how hard plastic would, most notably, change the speed of the sound waves and distort it. It was, however, hard to know as to in what extent this would affect dolphins in the sea, since the lab conditions were over very short distances in comparison to the distances that echolocation could be used with in the sea. It was concluded that the consumption of hard plastics would probably be of greater concern in the coming future with an ever increasing plastic pollution.