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Vladilena Gaisina

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I am a PhD student in Solid Mechanics at the Engineering Mechanics department. My project is part of the Center for Mechanics and Materials Design and bridges both disciplines. Together with Höganäs AB, I am working on building a tool for predicting the mechanical properties of sintered powder steels containing porosity. A recent paper on the particular static properties of these materials can be found here

Prior to starting my PhD, I worked for 2 years as a Materials Engineer at QuesTek Innovations in Evanston, IL, conducting primarily experimental work on computationally-designed alloys. I have extensive experience with material characterization and various material production methods (both at the lab scale and beyond).

I have a MSc degree in Materials Science and Engineering from IIT (Chicago), wherein I investigated the fracture and fatigue properties of microalloyed rolled plate steel. Design and engineering of metals is my passion, with a current focus in mechanics of materials and ICME.

At KTH I am also currently serving as co-Vice Chair and Eduation Manager on the PhD student council at SCI school.


FEM for Engineering Applications (SE1025), assistant | Course web

Solid Mechanics, Basic Course (SE1020), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Vladilena Gaisina


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