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Jaime Montes Bentura

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Architect and Master in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design. My expertise and interest is in the sustainable built environment by translating theory into practice, working and teaching in areas of construction, architecture, urban planning and urban design, and in how they are connected. I have wide experience in participatory processes, user oriented design and construction, and deal with environmental impact through place sensitive, sustainable and healthy building technologies,  being central the notion of sustainability and of resilience as system thinking, adaptability, evolution and change.

Sustainability entails set of values and reconsider the way we conceive cities from the perspective of care in human and natural life. In my research I look for those aspects of urban form that foster complexity and evolution from the perspective of the user. I look to history of urbanism to understand how have been shaped our cities in relation to their cultural, political and economic context and searching for how they have been conceived.

Profile picture of Jaime Montes Bentura