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These are some of my papers on sonification, both from data and more interactive sonification. All are available for download below, either as Open Access or as institutional self-archiving PDF. Follow the DiVA or DOI link for a public record.

Sonification of data
Use of soundscapes for providing information about distance left in train journeys, Sound and Music Computing Conference, 2012 . DOI | Open access

Sonification of the train's position and speed.
Interactive sonification
Sonification as Catalyst in Training Manual Wheelchair Operation for Sports and Everyday Life, Sound and Music Computing Conference, 2016. DOI | Open access

Using sonification for training and motivation of hard-to-master wheelchair movements.
Combining DJ Scratching, Tangible Interfaces And A Physics-Based Model of Friction Sounds, ICMC 2007. DiVA | Open access

First paper combining scratching and the Reactable together with Smilen Dimitrov and Marcos Alonso.