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Anna Liguori

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About me

I am a Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellow in the Division of Polymer Technology at KTH under the supervision of Professor Minna Hakkarainen. My research project “SUSTAINABLE- Library of inedited bio-based multicomponent resins for the 3D-printing of self-healing, recyclable thermosets”, financed by the European Commission under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 101021859, is aimed at the development of bio-based photopolymerizable resins employable for the 3D-printing of green, self-healing and recyclable thermosets, a class of plastics formed starting from a liquid precursor which leads to a solid crosslinked material during the curing step.

The key idea of SUSTAINABLE is to use a step-by-step approach which, starting from the design and realization of bio-based self-healing and recyclable single-component resins, will enable to reach multi-component resins. This will lead to the construction of a library of bio-based resins, which will enable to correlate the composition of the resin and the operating conditions used for its printing and postcuring with the chemical structure and thermo-mechanical properties of the resulting thermosets.

The resins are carefully designed in order to endow the thermoset with self-healing properties and to enable the recovery of the constituents when the material has reached its end of life. These features are guaranteed by proper functionalization of molecules and nanostructures.

From January 23rd 2023 I'm qualified for the position of Associate Professor in Italy in the field of Industrial Chemistry (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale II fascia).

Concerning my background and previous experiences, from 2016 to 2021 I worked as post-doc at the University of Bologna in the field of: 1) functional modification of polymeric materials by means of atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma assisted processes; 2) electrospinning technology; 3) green strategies for the synthesis of organic and inorganic coatings onto the surface of polymeric nanofibers; 4) thermal, chemical and morphological characterization of polymeric materials.

I'm author of 37 scientific publications on international peer reviewed Journals, h-index = 14, number of citations = 552 (source: Scopus, updated at 19th February 2023)


Degree Project in Engineering Chemistry, First Cycle (KA103X), assistant | Course web

Polymer Physics (KF2140), assistant | Course web