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Jafar Mahmoudi

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About me

Dr. Jafar Mahmoudi (19611218) is a Swedish citizen with more than 25 years of academic and practical experiments within Sustainable Energy Development with special focus on the wind technology, industrial operation Simulation such as Wellbore Transport Modelling during drilling operation (aiming to sustainable process development and maintenance), Material Process technology and maintenance technology.

Dr Mahmoudi held the position of lecturer in production and maintenance (adjunkt i produktion och underhållt) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Sustainable Production Development, KTH/ ITM/ HPU (2018- Now)1.

Dr Mahmoudi held the position of chief scientist at International Research Institute of Stavanger, IRIS, within New Energy field with special focus onOffshore Wind Energy(2008-2015).2 Worth to mention that that the Chief scientist position has been officially documented as Professorship competence.3

Further, Professor Mahmoudi held the position of Professor II at University of Stavanger, UiS, with professor chair of Heat transfer and fluid mechanics (2008-2012)4 and the position of Guest Professor in the field of “Industrial Energy Optimization” with special focus on heat and mass transfer at Mälardalen University, Dept. of Public Technology, IST, Vasteras, Sweden (2003- 2012)5.

He also worked for a large international metals company, Outokumpu Copper (2000-2006, direct after PhD), where created and managed a global R&D-group working with modelling and process simulation for solidification process.6

Dr. Mahmoudi got his PhD in Material Process technology from Royal Inst. of Tech, KTH, Stockholm/ Sweden. During PhD period (1994-1999) he has worked on “Modelling of solidification processing with special focus on heat and mass transfer aiming for energy optimization in a continuous strip casting process. The project was financed by the Outokumpu.7

Over 20 years Research experience in brief

Professor Mahmoudi (together with research team) have published over 108 articles (including 47 journal papers, 33 reviewed and 28 industrial technical papers, theses, etc), considering the fact that not all industrial results have been publishable due to proprietary issues following the company strategy in publication manner. Some of those have been addressed in my CV.8

1  Look to certificate folder, KTH

2  Look to certificate folder, IRIS

3Look to certificate folder (IRIS personal doc) & support letter by the Dean of UiS university (2018), located in support letter documents

4  Look to certificate folder, UiS

5  Look to certificate folder, MDH

6 Look to certificate folder, Outokumpu

7   Look to certificate folder, KTH

8  Look to his CV and publication folder

He has been the project manager for9:

-          Nordic project of Offwind, The First Open-Source Prediction tools for offshore wind power generation and operational maintenance (2011- 14). Offwind has been an international project with nine different partners cross the Europe from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Portugal as well as US

-          Advanced Wellbore Transport Modelling (2013-2016). The project aim is to enhance the current understanding of the physics involved in the transport phenomena during a drilling operation aiming for sustainable process development and maintenance to help the operators with robust production systems specially in offshore operation in the harsh weather when usually suffering from lack of detail industrial operation parameters

-          Risk reduction by precisely knowing the impact of wind and wave on offshore platform operation (2012-2014)

-Project leader ofInitial analysis of the sub-sea control module (SCM) failures (SIL, safety integrity level) analysis based on OREDA Work Group for the selected subsea components (2009-2011)

-Project leader forThermo- physical properties of CO2/H2O mixtures project. The project is financed by Norwegian research council, NFR, together with Shell and Statoil (2008- 2010)

-Project leader ofOpen CFD based oil well drilling simulator (2011-2012).

-          Project leader of SIL failed analysis based on Subsea OREDA JIP offshore operation database (2011-2012)

-          Main supervisor (or co- supervisor) for 7 PhD students and more that 12 MSc and BSc students

-          Main supervisor on Impact wave process modeling and optimization in high energy rate explosive welding, PhD project (2005-2008)

-          Main supervisor on A new cooling system for Power Transformer, PhD project (2005- 2008)

-          Main supervisor for Decision support system for Process Efficiency Optimization, PhD project (2005-2008)

-          Main supervisor on Indoor energy efficiency in Radon Polluted Buildings, PhD project (2005-2008)

Selected examples of Fund Rising10:

Dr. Mahmoudi has been successfully managed to rise enough fund to secure his projects and the research team (including PhD candidates and in many cases the MSc projects). As an example he has managed to rise over 17 million NOK for Offwind project packages (3 projects). The application has been made within the frame work of Nordic research project (a similar format as EU project with at least 3 Nordic countries) and another 2 from KKS Sweden, etc. Some contract example has been given in the folder of fund rising

Over 20 years Teaching Activities in brief 11

Dr. Mahmoudi has many years of teaching experience in different universities and Polytechnic ( Yrkeshögskolan)     in  sweden  and  Norway  at  PhD,  M.Sc  and  Bachler  levels  as  well  as

9  Look to his CV for more information

10  Look to Fund-raising doc folder

11  Look to his CV, and teaching doc folder

yrkehögsklan. His industrial and academic experience in Scandinavia creates unique possibilities for linking academic activities to industrial interests in a global scale.

Teaching experience:

·PhD level:Advanced in Heat Transfer and CFD, advanced in Heat Exchangers Energy Management, all with sustainable development approach

·M.SC & B.Sc level:Sustainable energy system, Industrial Energy optimization, Heat Transfer and CFD, integrated Product and Process Development

·Yrkeshögskola level:Byggnadteknik, Byggteknik, Byggkonstruktion, Fastighetskunskap, Fastighetsteknik ( IDA-ICE, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk CAD, CFD, Simulink, etc)

Selected examples of teaching experience:

-          Responsible for 10 P MSc course of Heat Transfer and CFD, at UiS, (2010-2012)

-                                  Responsible for PhD course of advance in Heat Transfer and CFD, at UiS, ( 2010-2012)

-          Responsible for PhD course of Energy Management in advanced Heat Exchangers, at MdH ( 2005-2009)

-                                  Involved in M.Sc course of sustainable energy system at MdH (2006-2008)

-                                  Principles of Mechanical Metallurgy, 4 Points B.Sc course

-                                  Principles of integrated Product and Process Development

-          Yrkeshögskolan (2016-17): Jafar made over 500 hours teaching at the Yrkeshögskola level in Swedish. Some contract (Avtal) examples are given in the teaching folder12

Pedagogical Education/ Certificate13

As a member of Mdh University, one had to pass a number of Pedagogical courses to know the new development in pedagogical aspects and be familiar with Bologna process. The whole package was planned for 15 weeks:

-        Postgraduate supervision training course Supervising Traning.

-        Postgraduate course of högskolepedagogik, PIL 1, Pedagogical aspects in University".

-        Postgraduate course of Studenten och lärandet, PIL 2 Student and teachers, problem and solutions.

-        Postgraduate course of Course design and how to use WEBCT, PIL 3.

-       Pedagogical forum with focus on ECTS-credit system and Bologna system.

-       Pedagogiska metoder för integrering av hållbar utveckling i utbildning

-       Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Higher Education

Outside interest

Golf, Chess, Hiking


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