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Mohammad Mohammadi

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About me

Doctoral student at the Division of Soil and Rock Mechanics, aiming at bringing the management of geological information in early phases of time and cost estimation of underground structures to a higher standard. 

Following urbanization and densification of the cities, the available ground is scarce and transport infrastructures entail environmental disturbances such as pollution and noise. Thus, societies will need to increase the use of underground infrastructures in order to cope with these future challenges. However, the construction of underground infrastructures comes at a huge cost and entails some pollution and emissions of CO2. The cost and material use are to a large extent dependent on geological condition. Accordingly, the infrastructure alignment must be chosen carefully keeping the potential geological risks in mind. This means that in order to achieve a long-term sustainable underground infrastructure, we shall take into account the present risk in all decisions and share the risk fairly between the involved parties.

To do that, we are going to develop a probabilistic framework to allow estimation of project times and costs that reflect the available geological information as well as providing suggestions on how contractual requirements shall be formulated based on the probabilistic geological information to conduct fair sharing of risk between the involved parties.


Engineering Geology (AE2401), teacher | Course web

Rock Mechanics (AF2602), assistant | Course web

Tunnel Engineering (AF2610), teacher, assistant | Course web