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Janek Michal Ozmin

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Janek Oźmin is a PhD, architect, artist, researcher, and teacher with a keen interest in exploring how architectural thinking and practice can contribute to discussions about contemporary modes of production and consumption. His practice-based thesis titled GO LO GO HI delved into the spatial, material and cultural aspects of the garage and the penthouse, encompassing architecture, urban environments, film, and the arts. He approached this exploration through practice-based methods employing various techniques such as installations, photography, interventional ethnography, critical men and masculinities studies, and creative writing.

Having taught internationally in both architecture and arts academies, Janek is currently instructing Design Studio at KTH and is an integral part of the Research Seminars in Architecture group. He has contributed to academic journals and books, as well as publications in the fields of architecture and the arts. Janek has presented his work in prestigious institutions, including ArkDes at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and the Royal Hibernian Academy Gallery in Dublin. Additionally, he has undertaken diverse commissions for sculptures, landscape installations, and architecture, with some of his work permanently housed at the Irish Architectural Archives.

In 2011, Janek co-founded NAMAlab, a postgraduate architecture initiative that explores how urban practice can address the notion of the post-financial crisis city as a space for political discourse. This initiative was recognized by the RIBA as a world-class endeavor.


Architecture Project 2:2 - Tectonics, Ornament, Transformation (A21P2B), teacher | Course web

Architecture Project 2:3 Material, Space, Detail (A21P3C), teacher | Course web

Architecture Technology 3:2: Building, City, Process (A31T2A), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Architecture, First Cycle (A31EXA), teacher | Course web

Project 3:2 Urban Spaces and Landscapes (A31P2D), teacher | Course web

Project Studio 3:1, Urban Design (A31P1A), teacher | Course web

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