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Eric Paglia

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About me

I am a researcher in the project SPHERE, in which I research the history and evolution of global environmental governance, particularly Sweden’s role in this process since its 1967-1968 diplomatic intervention at the United Nations that led to the UN Conference on the Human Environment, held in Stockholm in 1972. I am also currently engaged with the Formas-financed research project "Sustainability’s Formative Moment: The Birth of the Boundaries Narrative and the Rise of the 'Human Environment'". 

My research interests also include environmental crisis, the Anthropocene concept, and the nexus of science and politics in the Arctic and other locations. I also produce and host the podcasts Polar Geopolitics, Intervention - a podcast from the KTH Environmental History Laboratory, and, which have influenced and been informed by much of my academic work, including The Northward Course of the Anthropocene: Transformation, Temporality and Telecoupling in a Time of Environmental Crisis (KTH dissertation, 2016).


Environment and Society in a Changing Arctic (AK1214), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Swedish Society, Culture and Industry in Historical Perspective (AK1213), teacher | Course web

The Anthropocene (AK126V), teacher | Course web

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