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Paris Carbone

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Om mig

I am an Assistant Professor, founder and director of the Data Systems Lab.

Research: My focus gravitates around data-driven system design with applications in serverless computing, distributed databases, AI, data stream platforms, graph query systems, and acceleration using emerging new hardware and methods. Our lab's research has received high adoption and critical acclaim such as the prestigious ACM SIGMOD Systems Award 2023 for Apache Flink's transformative power in data processing, as well as the VLDB Best PhD Paper award 2023 for our Orb DB optimizer. Our work is currently funded by SSF, Vinnova, Digital Futures, Knut och Alice Wallenberg Foundation, and WASP AI.

Nurturing creative, independent, and capable young innovators is one of my passions. As of 2023, I was nominated as one of the top 10 supervisors at KTH.

Currently, I am ade-facto supervisor of the following PhD students:

and assistant supervisor of the following PhD students:

 Teaching:I am responsible for teaching and examining foundational topics in computer science at KTH. At the bachelor level, I teach the popular "Data Storage Paradigms IV1351" course which includes a system-oriented overview of database systems. Furthermore, at the 2nd and 3rd cycle, I also give the "Distributed Systems Advanced ID2203" course which includes fundamentals and up-to-date analysis of distributed systems and a unique specialization on data system theory and practice.

Leadership:I am contributing to the active collaboration between KTH, SAAB and Ericsson as a principal investigator in the national Advanced Digitalization program. Furthermore, I am a member of the Cooperate working group at Digital Futures (4 active grants) and facilitate an active collaboration with cutting-edge healthcare research at CDDH. Furthermore, I actively maintain key strategic collaborations with leading research partners at Boston University, TUDelft, and TUBerlin.

Software:Since 2014 I have served as a committer for Apache Foundation (Flink Project) and strive for continuous open-source contributions accompanying most of our major research findings in my team. Certain libraries have become fundamental within cloud infrastructure today. Examples of contributed projects:


Datalagring (IV1351), examinator, lärare, kursansvarig | Kurswebb

Distribuerade system, fortsättningskurs (ID2203), examinator, kursansvarig | Kurswebb

Examensarbete inom datalogi och datateknik med inriktning mot ICT innovation, avancerad nivå (DA258X), examinator | Kurswebb

Examensarbete inom datalogi och datateknik med inriktning mot programvaruteknik för distribuerade system, avancerad nivå (DA240X), examinator | Kurswebb

Forskarkurs i distribuerade system (FID3011), examinator | Kurswebb