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Roman de la Presilla Patiño

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Doctoral student



About me

PhD candidate currently conducting research aimed at unraveling the potential of novel lubrication agents when implemented within contact conditions that are set to be representative of currently persistent boundary lubrication tribological challenges in industry. Focus is currently set on bearings subjected to fretting inducing oscillating motions. Specifically wind power pitch bearings. Increasing our understanding on the mechanisms that are driving the accelerated degradation process of the surfaces involved and also zero in on potential solutions that better target the wear and friction issues within the most demanding applications where traditional lubricating strategies are just not good enough.


Machine Dynamics (MF2068), teacher | Course web

Research Methodology in Machine Design (MF2072), assistant, teacher | Course web

Tribology (MF2018), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Roman de la Presilla Patiño