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Sofia Wiberg

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About me


Urban och regional studies


Drottning kristinas väg 30


My research interests revolve around knowledge formation, collective work and decision making processes, asymmetric power relations and the limits of knowing.

I am the executive manager for the research school TRANSPLACE, that develops and implements ambitious initiatives for sustainable transformation in collaboration with key stakeholders in Swedish urban development and transport planning. The research focuses on practice- and action-oriented research that contributes to challenging existing work methods and strengthening the reflective capacity within Swedish urban planning. For more info:

Ongoing themes:

Ethical dilemmas and practical knowledge

I am interested in exploring bodily and practical knowledge in relation to the complex issues urban planning deals with. This is knowledge that cannot be manualised, that rather is about handling difficult situations that do not follow the habitual pattern. Situations that are often abrasive and that find expression in the body. This is closely likned to the practical form of knowledge called Phronesis.

Designed living environments - transdisciplinary learning

In the ongoing research project Designed living environments - transdiciplinary learing, goal conflicts, frictions and practical knowledge in collaborative processes are examined within the framework of the area of designed livning environment. The project is conducted in collaboration with Håkan Nilsson, Södertörn University and Loulou Cherinet, University of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack).

The project has resulted in a post master course for practionaires, starting in September 2024 at Södertörns University and University of Arts, Crafts and Design.

A thinking practice

In the project A thinking practice, the relationship between urban planning and choreography with a focus on asymmetric power relations and the role of the body in co-creative processes is explored.

After a long term interest in openness/co-creation/non-hierarchical forms of decision making within the field of urban studies as well as the choreographic field we are now witnessing a growing research interest in structures, frameworks and asymmetries. The project aims to investigate the potentials and pitfalls of these structures.

A thinking practice is done together with the
choreographer Stina Nyberg.


I teach/have been teaching in Project Sustainable Urban Planning- Strategies for Urban and Regional Development and Planeringens aktörer och processer.

I supervise master thesis


Degree Project in Urban and Regional Planning, Second Cycle (AG212X), teacher | Course web

Introduction to Sustainability Transition in Theory and Practice (FAG3188), course responsible | Course web

Project Sustainable Urban Planning - Strategies for Urban and Regional Development (AG2129), teacher | Course web