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Panagiotis Tolias

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About me

I am a theoretical physicist specializing in the statistical mechanics of charged systems. My research interests include non-ideal plasmas (strongly coupled, dusty, complex, quantum), magnetic confinement fusion, plasma surface interactions (electron emission, stopping powers, energy deposition), classical liquids (stable, metastable, glasses), surface & interfacial forces as well as warm dense matter.

I am currently involved in different plasma material interaction investigations that are of paramount significance for future fusion reactors (ITER, DEMO) and which comprise the numerical modelling of dust transport, the numerical modelling of macroscopic melt motion, the theory of emissive sheaths in dense magnetized plasmas as well as the modelling of dust adhesion and remobilization in tokamaks. In addition, I am involved in theoretical and computer simulation studies of the thermodynamic, structural, dynamic and phase characteristics of strongly coupled plasmas.

I mainly perform theoretical and modelling research but I have also designed multiple experiments that have been performed on the world’s largest fusion devices and on the International Space Station.


Applied Plasma Physics (EF2270), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Panagiotis Tolias


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