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Introduction to the Philosophy of Science and Research Methodology for Computer Scientists

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The course intends to give a broad introduction to theory of knowledge especially with regard to mathematics, natural sciences and computer science. A short overview of history of science is given. The most important thoughts within general theory of knowledge are presented and analysed. Poppers and Kuhns scientific philosophy are presented. Concepts such as causality, realism and antirealism, hypotheses and ad hoc hypotheses will be discussed. A review of the ethical problems of scholarship and the researcher's role is made. 

  • The basic concepts within theory of knowledge and scientific methodology, such as causality, data, correlation, hypothesis, inductive-deductive methods.
  • Special methods and problems within computer science and mathematics.
  • Scientific methodology within engineering projects.
  • Experimental methodology.
  • Ethics within scholarship and the scientists role in the society.
  • How one reads and writes scientific reports.
  • Practical training in the writing of scientific reports.