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January 2017
Teacher Viggo Kann posted 31 January 2017
November 2016
Teacher Viggo Kann posted 30 November 2016
October 2016
Teacher Viggo Kann posted 11 October 2016
commented 11 October 2016

Osäker om man ska kunna komma åt sidan redan nu, men ska man det så går det inte just nu.

Teacher commented 11 October 2016

Tack för att du sa till Jesper! Jag ändrade rättigheterna förut men det fastnade inte. Nu har jag ändrat igen och hoppas att det fungerar bättre. Säg till om sidan fortfarande inte kan läsas!

May 2016
Teacher Viggo Kann posted 10 May 2016
October 2015
Teacher Viggo Kann posted 15 October 2015
commented 15 October 2015

Isn't there any way to sign this up electronically? (doodle, google doc, email, sms, call)

Teacher commented 15 October 2015

Hamid, I am sorry but it is not possible according to KTH regulations, at least not in any way that is easy for us to handle. So you need to go to KTH to do this, or ask a friend to write your name on a list. We will announce the companies, dates and times of the study visits on the course web.

Soon KTH wil buy a new learning management system that may allow us to use electronic sign-up next year.

commented 22 October 2015

As a contact person for a company, what are you expected to do before/during/after the study visit?

November 2014
Teacher Viggo Kann posted 6 November 2014
commented 17 November 2014

2-3 questions about what?

Teacher commented 17 November 2014

Questions for the study visit. What would you like to know about working at the company, about the background of the former student whom you will meet, and such things.

commented 22 November 2014

I have got an F on Study visit group 14/15 in rapp. I attended the study visit at fatshark. Have I missed some form of hand-in after the visit?

commented 22 November 2014

I think it means 'F' as in 'Group F', that's the Fatshark group

commented 22 November 2014

That seems correct. I am in group B according to rapp.

September 2014
Teacher Viggo Kann posted 4 September 2014
commented 4 September 2014

Will there always be such short deadlines or is this a one off thing because of the new term?

Teacher commented 5 September 2014

We have no desire or plan to keep the deadlines short. I do not dare to make any definite promises, but I hope we can publish the instructions earlier in advance in the future. However, this is the first time this course is running so there may well be some rough edges.

commented 6 September 2014

Ok, cool!

commented 6 September 2014

Hi! I will be studying at EPFL in Lausanne the coming year, but I have still registered for prosam. Naturally I can't attend the seminars. Should I still use the same instructions to write my reflection? What should I do to atone for missing the seminars this year?

Teacher commented 6 September 2014

Eric, exchange students use the same seminar instructions as the rest. Please read What if you study abroad on the seminars web page. In period 2 you will have to find your own study visit in the city where you study. You should visit an IT company or IT research group at the university, and the visit should last between 20 and 60 minutes.