The objective of this exercise is to teach you how to manage citations and references in a master thesis.

As preparation for this exercise, you should read the sections concerning references in the instructions for writing a master thesis in electric power systems which you can find in the menu to the right. The instructions for this exercise you can find here.

This exercise is divided in several assignments, which are described below. 

  • Comparison of student assignments. Read and compare examples of the student assignments. Can you find the similarities? Can you tell which student who is plagiarising? 

-   Student Assignment - Example I

-   Student Assignment - Example II

  • Comparison of scientific papers. Read and compare the examples of scientific papers. Can you find the similarities? Can you tell which authors who are plagiarising?

-  Scientific Paper - Example I

-  Scientific Paper - Example II

-  Scientific Paper - Example III

  • Find references. The “Missing references” document contains a text where all references have been removed, followed by a list of references. Try to figure out where the references should appear in the text.

-   Missing References

  • Correct citation. Read the document labelled “Example text”. Write a short paragraph, where you argue in support of or against the example text. Use a correctly cited quotation from the example text to emphasise your argument.

-  Example Text

Write a short report with your answers and comments to each assignment. Submit your report to your supervisor and discuss it in a telephone meeting or a direct meeting. If possible, several students can meet in a seminar and have a group discussion of their observations together with a KTH teacher.


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