Evaluation of final presentation

In this exercise, you will attend at least two final presentations of other master degree projects, and write a small evaluation of the presentation and the following discussion.

As preparation for this exercise, you should read the instructions for presenting a master thesis in electric power systems which you can find in the menu to the right. Instructions for this exercise you find here.

The assignment is to attend at least two final presentations of master degree projects. The topic of the presented projects is not that important, but it is of course preferable if there is some relation to electric power systems. If you are performing your degree project outside KTH and do not have the possibility to attend any final presentations, you should attend two other technical presentations (for example in a seminar, workshop or internal company meeting). The requirement is that it should be technical presentations of an advanced topic with a following discussion. Investigate your possibilities and agree with your supervisor what to do. Do not forget to bring the opponent form to the presentations you attend which you can find under "Forms" in the menu to the right.

After the presentations, you should write a short evaluation of the presentation and the discussion. Start with a very brief summary of the topic of the presentation (the title of the presentation and a few sentences of the main content is sufficient). The focus of the evaluation should then be the performance of the speaker and the audience. Was the presentation clear (cf. the instructions for master thesis presentation, but remember that other institutions might have other requirements)? How was the discussion after the presentation? What kind of questions was asked, about technical details or about the implications of the work for the society and technical development? If there was an opponent, did he or she do a good job, i.e., providing relevant feedback on the work? Was the speaker able to provide good answers to the questions raised by the opponent and the audience? Was there any question that were not asked, but which you think would have been important?

The evaluation should be about a half to one A4 page (using normal font size and line spacing) for each of the presentations. Submit your evaluation to your supervisor and discuss it in a telephone meeting or a direct meeting. If possible, several students can meet in a seminar and have a group discussion of their observations together with a KTH teacher.

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