Presentation technique

You will give several oral presentations during your master degree project. In this exercise, you will be given some advice on how to create a good presentation. You will compare three different ways to present the background and objectives of a master degree project.

Instructions for this exercise you can find here

Start by looking at the three example presentations:

Start-up Presentation - Example I

Start-up Presentation - Example II

Start-up Presentation - Example III

The examples are intended to be used as slides for a start-up presentation of a master thesis project. Make a table, where you notice what you like and what you do not like about the three presentations.

Next, you read the instructions for oral presentation of a master thesis in electric power systems which you can find in the menu to the right. Considering the advice given in the instructions, update your table with pros and cons of the three presentations.

Finally, you write a small report including the two tables with some additional comments and conclusions. Discuss this report in a telephone meeting or a direct meeting with your supervisor. If possible, several students can meet in a seminar and have a group discussion of their observations together with a KTH teacher.

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