Old exams

In the exams and complementary tests, students are allowed to bring a calculator without information relevant to the course. A formulae sheet will be appended to the exam. This is the latest version of the formulae sheet. You are welcome to contact the course coordinator and suggest improvements of the formulae sheet!

Below follow all exams and complementary tests that have been given in the course.

Exam 20 December 2007

Exam 4 February 2008

Exam 18 December 2008

Complementary test 10 February 2009

Exam 13 December 2010

Exam 21 December 2011

Complementary test 19 January 2012

Exam 11 December 2012

Complementary test 24 January 2013

Exam 7 June 2013

Exam 15 January 2014

Exam 12 January 2015

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