Electric Transportation

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Transportation of people and gods is fundamental for a modern society. Apart from trains, almost all transportation is driven by fossil fuel like diesel and petrol and is therefore a large source for green-house gas (GHG) emissions. Despite the fact that we cannot explain exactly the effects of the GHG emissions, there is a large consensus that in the long run we will have to move to renewable energy sources. Also the transport sector will have to do this and the enabling technology is likely to rely on electrical solutions. The rail-bound transportation is already to a large extent electrically driven but the road-bound still has a long way to go before it will be substantially less dependent on fossil fuel.

In order to increase flexibility and efficiency of road-bound vehicles, various electrical solutions can be adopted. Both the actual traction system and the sub-systems can benefit from being more or less converted into electrical variants.

This course aims at providing a fundamental understanding of the new technology that will be introduced in the future transportation sector.

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