Course structure & Grading

Course structure

This is a project based course where students watch the lecture videos,  read the course book and solve small projects at home. The course follows the book The Elements of Computing Systems, with somewhat modified projects.

The course consists of an opening lecture and 10 seminars. Participation at the seminars is compulsory.

To prepare for a seminar, students should:

  • read the respective chapter in the book, watch the related video lecture,
  • read the project descriptions carefully, and learn how to use the necessary tools to solve the project,
  • finally solve the project.

Each seminar consists of four parts:

  • short quiz on the theory part and on the project,
  • project solution discussion and presentations by the students,
  • outlook given by the seminar leader,
  • introduction of the next topic by the seminar leader.

In addition, office hours are scheduled where students can get hints for solving the projects.


Grades in this course are A-F.  The grade is calculated by combining your results in the projects, quizzes and the final exam. For the grading we consider 100 points as maximum:

  • Projects 55 points
  • Quizzes 15 points
  • Exam 35 points


1) At each project submission, you need to declare  the list of sub-projects you have solved.  You get points for the solved parts.  You can receive maximum 55 points for the projects.

2) At each of the seminars several students present parts of the projects. Students are selected randomly, and you can be asked to present a part you declared to be solved. If you can not present your solution, you get 0 points for that project!

3) No-show up:  you have to inform the seminar leader before the seminar if you can not attend. You still have to submit the solutions by the given deadline. Then, you should book a time with the group leader to present all of your solutions and receive points. If you fail to do so, you get 0 points for that project. As you do not write the quiz, you will not get points for it.


There will be 10 quizzes during the course. You can get a maximum of 3 points per quiz. You get 0 points if you are not at the seminar. Note, the quiz will be at the beginning of the seminar, so arrive on time. The points for the quiz will be normalized for a maximum of 15 points at the end of the course.

To pass the LABA moment, you need at least 20 points from the five first projects and quizzes.

You need at least 35 points from the projects and the quizzes together to pass the LABA and LABB moments, and to be allowed to take the exam.


It is compulsory to take and pass the written exam at the end of the course. To pass the exam, you need to have at least 15 out of the 35 points. For the final grade in the course, points from the projects, quizzes an exam are added up.

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Kan därmed läsas av alla och ändras av lärare.
commented 11 May 2015

Is there any way you could publish the exam from last year?

Also: may we see the points required for grade levels other than E and A?

commented 28 May 2015

what are the points required for the different grades ? 

Teacher commented 28 May 2015

See the Exam preparation menu. The limits are however approximate and may change a bit.

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