Students from earlier years

If you took the course in an earlier year, but have not completed, please do the following:

1. If you only need to take the exam, feel free to register for any upcoming exam or make-up exam. To register write to

2. If you have not passed the project and quiz part, then please re-register for the course. For re-registration, write to

You have two options to complete the course:

a) You can start from the beginning. All previous project and quiz results will be deleted.

b) If you collected at least 20 points from the first 5 projects and quizzes, then you may select to follow the course from project 6 only. In this case we keep your old results for the first 5 projects and quizzes. You will not have opportunity to improve these.

In any case, if you re-register for the course, please contact also the course responsible (Viktoria Fodor, before course start.

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