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Do not consider your task to be writing the specified program and then write a report about it. Rather, your task is to write a report proving that you have met the specified requirements. In order to write such a report you must of course first write the program, but focus is on your report and not on the program as such.

How To Report

All submitted solutions must follow this template, id1354-report-template.pdf. Note that the template is a pdf file, you must create a similar word document, minor layout changes are allowed. The template pdf is created using latex, if you want to try that you can use the following tex file, id1354-report-template.tex

At the Seminar

At the seminar you will be randomly assigned to a group with about three memebers. All members of the group will, in turn, explain and motivate their solution to the other group memebers. At the end of the seminar there will be a final presentation where a randomly chosen person from each group will present the goup's conclusions to all present participants (about 20).


Following are seminar tasks.

Seminar 1, HTML and CSS


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