Learning for Sustainable Development

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LH215V - Learning for Sustainable Development

Please note, prerequisites for 7.5 credits higher education pedagogical course.

Date Time
22 September 13:15-16:00 KTH Campus
5 October 13:15-16:00 KTH Campus
20 October 13:15-16:00 KTH Campus
9 November 13:15-16:00 KTH Campus
17 November 13:15-16:00 KTH Campus
24 November 13:15-16:00 KTH Campus
8 December 11:30-16:00 KTH Campus

The overarching objective of HE teaching qualifications is that, after completing the education, the participant shall demonstrate knowledge, skills and approaches required for professional teaching in HE, in the participant’s subject area, and for taking part in the development of HE.
Prerequisite: LH201V/LH231V or corresponding course from other university.
LH215V is tailored for teachers at KTH. It is included in course offerings that meet KTH's requirement of 15 credits in academic teaching for employment or promotion to a teaching position.

Costs: Free of charge for KTH Employees.
Course fee for external participants, 14 625 SEK/person. 

Within LH215V, the participants should have the opportunity to 

  • Reflect on and discuss the subject sustainable development and connect the concepts to their own subject area.
  • Present sustainable development as a subject that requires critical reflection and discussion based on different perspectives and show how this should be visible in the education for students.
  • Design learning outcomes, learning activities and examination with clear integration of questions and discussions relevant to sustainable development.
  • Create and evaluate their own learning tools for integrating of sustainable development both in courses and in programs.
  • Reflect on and discuss how sustainable development can be integrated in a full degree program and which courses in the program that should carry the progression of the subject

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