Technology-based Entrepreneurship

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The primary objective of the course, Technology-Based Entrepreneurship (ME2062), is to immerse the student in the entrepreneurial processes of creating and leading innovative and impactful technology-based ventures. While many of the frameworks and practices presented in the course are relevant across all forms of entrepreneurship in a wide variety of services and product markets, this course is based primarily on technology entrepreneurship practices since technology entrepreneurship tends to be more complex due to a higher level of uncertainty in the product and market.

The course provides a broad practice-based experience in the process of creating technology-based businesses. Through a collection of lectures, discussions with guest speakers, and project work, and venture creation simulation (lab) this course enables students to understand and apply some of the tools of entrepreneurship as they relate to technology ventures. Central to the learning experience is the Venture Project through which students working in small teams will develop their new venture creation and management skills. As such, this course will be a departure from more traditional engineering courses for many engineering students because it relies not on formulas but on conceptual thinking and analysis.


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