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Rounds and groups

Your course web are the pages of a course you are a subscribing to. On the course web you will find general information for the entire course in addition to a selection which depends on which course rounds and groups you have selected.

If you are registered on a course, subscriptions and course round are automatically handled for you. If you want to change course round you first need to subscribe to the course before you make your selection under Course rounds/groups in My Settings. Your selection of Course rounds/groups affects the selection on the pages Course Overview, News and Schedule.

Your selected course rounds/groups affects the selection

  • On pages Course Overview, News, and Schedule
  • from headlines in the left hand menu (named after course rounds/ groups) and with associated pages



  • HT 2024

to make their own choices

Not chosen

Would you like to view the contents of a non-selected course rounds/groups temporarily (without adding them to your course web)? You can click on the name of the course round/ group below.


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