Biomedicine for Engineers

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Biomedicine for Engineers

- is designed as a crash course that covers a number of topics in cell biology and physiology. The main purpose is to enable the students, in their future professional practice, to successfully communicate with their colleagues that have a biomedical background.
- is to a big extent a reading course. The students are supposed to read considerable amount of material, the lectures will help to organize the material.

This course is an extended version of another course, SK2530 Introduction to Biomedicine. The two courses are given in parallel in the study period 1 (August-October). SK2530 is concluded by a written exam in October. SK2531 continues further during the study period 2 (October-December) and is concluded by a written exam in January.

This course can be taken by PhD students, with the course code FSK3531. Formal requirements for the PhD students are listed here.


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