Course requirements

The following is required for passing the course:

Homework problems

 80% of all homeproblems during the course have to be solved satisfactory. 


A project should cover all (or most)  major steps of the system identification problem, refer to Figure 1.11 in Ljung's book. Preferrably real data should be used. Projects relating to the participants own research projects is encouraged.

A project group should consist of two participants of the course. 

A short report and a 5 minute presentation of the project is required to pass. Participants of FEL3202 are expected to make a more ambitious project, ideally leading to material publishable at a conference.


Proposals due September 18. Send to with "FEL3201: Project proposal" in subject line.

Report due October 28

Presentations November, exact date TBD.


There will be a 48 hours take home exam. For FEL3201 50% of the total score is required to pass. For FEL3202 the requirement is 65%. The exam period is September 21 - October  21. You will have to send me an email informing the examiner before September 17 when you want to take the exam. The starting time is 09:00 for the chosen day.  You will need to send the examiner a reminder the day of the exam before 08:30. The exam will then be sent to you by email. The solutions should be handed in by email. They can be scanned hand-written or type-set. 

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