Homework problems

Set 1:     Exercises 2.3.1, 2.3.2, 2.3.3 in Version 1 of Lecture Notes. Deadline: Nov 7

Set 2:     Exercises 2.3.1, 2.3.3, 2.3.4, 2.3.5 in Version 2 of Lecture Notes. Deadline: Nov 14

                Additional exercise for FEL3202: 2.3.2 in Version 2 of Lecture Notes. Deadline: Nov 14

Set 3:     Exercise 3.5.1 in Version 3 of Lecture Notes. Deadline: Nov 21

                 Additional exercise for FEL3202: 3.5.2 in Version 3 of Lecture Notes. Deadline: Nov 21

                 Optional, but recommended, for FEL3202: 2.3.8 in Version 3 of Lecture Notes. Deadline: Nov 21

Set 4:     Exercise 4.9.2a-c, 4.9.4 in Version 4 of Lecture Notes. Deadline: Nov 28

               Additional exercises for FEL3202: 4.9.2 d, 4.9.3 in Version 4 of Lecture Notes. Deadline: Nov 28

Set 5: Exercises 5.3.1a-e, 5.3.2, 5.3.3a-d in Version 7 of Lecture Notes. Deadline: Jan 30. **** OBS EXTENDED to Feb 6. OBS *****

           Additional exercises  for FEL3202: 5.3.1f-g, 5.3.3e-f, 5.3.4, and 5.3.5. 5.3.6 is optional but recommended. Deadline: Jan 30.

Set 6: Computer exercises (Section 5.3.9) 5.3.1-5.3.4).  The data sets can be downloaded from the Literature page. You do not need to hand in solutions to these exercises - just make sure you understand the results you obtain. 

Set 7: Exercise and Computer Exercise in version 10 of lecture notes. The data set can be downloaded from the Literature page - Data sets version 2 190208. You do not need to hand in solutions to the computer exercise - just make sure you understand the results you obtain. Deadline: Feb. 20.

Additional exercises  for FEL3202: 9E.4 in Ljung's book.  Deadline: Feb 20.

Submission of Homeworks and Peer Grading

Please submit your homework solutions in PDF form (scans of handwritten solutions, or typeset) by email to hjalmars@kth.se. Make sure that the scans are readable but also that the files are not excessively large. It is not necessary to bring paper originals of your solutions to the lectures.

File naming:

Name your homework solution PDF-file as: HWX_FN_LN_G.pdf

       where X is the assignment number, FN =first name, LN=last name, G=group number.

One of the requirements of the course is that you take part in peer grading of the home works, which will be done in the following way:

- You have been divided into groups (found here). Each group is responsible for the grading of homeworks from another group, see scheme below.

- The homeworks to be graded will be sent in electronic form to the whole group. The graded homework should be sent back to hjalmars@kth.se. You can choose either to print the pages, do the grading with a pen and then scan them again, or preferably to annotate the PDF files electronically. In the email, please also list the total number of points for each graded homework.

- When you grade someone's homework, rename the file to: HWX_FN_LN_G_graded.pdf (that is, add _graded to the filename).

- At least two students in the grading group should contribute to the grading of each problem. For each graded problem, it should be clearly stated which two (or more students) are responsible for the grading.

- Grading scale for each problem:

0 p (0-40% correct),
1 p (40-60% correct),
2 p (60-80% correct),
3 p (80-100% correct).

- Mark partial results, and give comments/feedback (of the form that you would like to see on your own graded solutions).

- When you have finished grading all problems, sum up and write the total score at the top of the first page (maximum score is 3 times the number of problems).

Submitting Graded Problems

- Grading should be completed before the deadline of the following homework, except for the last set which should be completed one week after the homeworks have been distributed.

The graded homeworks for the entire group should be sent to hjalmars@kth.se in one mail. The mail should contain the following table:

Name Grade Grader #1 Grader #2


- If you, after thorough discussions within the grading group, are still uncertain about how to grade a solution or even uncertain on what the correct solution is, please contact Håkan.

- Within each grading group, you are responsible to organize the grading so that the grading burden is shared fairly, averaged over the full course.

- If you are not happy with the grading of a problem, please contact Håkan by email with a written complaint.

Correction scheme

HW Set          Group           To be corrected by Group


  i                 j, 1<=j<=6             mod(mod(i-1,5)+j,6)+1 

  i                 j=7,8                      mod(j-6,2) +  7


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