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Page Can read Last changed
ExaminerLogged in users2020-11-03
SEED staffing policy in educationLogged in users2020-10-06
ExaminerLogged in users2021-09-13
Roles & responsibilitiesLogged in users2019-10-02
SupervisorLogged in users2020-11-04
Course coordinationLogged in users2021-09-08
Course coordinatorLogged in users2021-05-20
Course responsibleLogged in users2020-01-02
EconomyLogged in users2019-10-18
Master thesisLogged in users2018-08-27
Bachelor thesisLogged in users2018-10-31
Course assistantLogged in users2018-10-09
Other teaching staffLogged in users2019-06-26
Course budgetLogged in users2019-09-17
Archiving coursesLogged in users2018-09-14
Budget cycleLogged in users2018-08-24
CanvasLogged in users2021-05-17
Cost of roomsLogged in users2019-06-26
Course administratorLogged in users2021-09-06
Course checklistLogged in users2019-06-26
Course clustersLogged in users2019-10-18
Course coordinatorLogged in users2019-12-30
Course designLogged in users2020-09-10
Course evaluation & analysisLogged in users2020-12-10
Course foldersLogged in users2021-09-08
Course literatureLogged in users2019-06-26
Course memoLogged in users2021-02-11
Course plansLogged in users2021-09-08
Course syllabus, grading, examinationLogged in users2021-02-11
Courses etc in KOPPSLogged in users2018-08-24
Courses for teachersLogged in users2019-06-26
Courses in learningLogged in users2020-09-10
Director of studiesLogged in users2021-09-13
Discontinue courseLogged in users2018-05-23
Educational technologyLogged in users2019-06-26
Evacuation routinesLogged in users2018-05-22
ExpensesLogged in users2018-05-28
ExpensesLogged in users2019-10-22
External supervisorLogged in users2021-04-20
FUNKALogged in users2018-09-24
GDPR and personal dataLogged in users2018-05-28
GradingLogged in users2018-10-09
Grading criteriaLogged in users2019-06-26
Guest lecture in zoomLogged in users2020-06-17
KTH Education supportLogged in users2021-09-08
KTH regulationsLogged in users2019-06-26
Learning for SDLogged in users2019-06-26
Legal mattersLogged in users2019-01-30
Life long learningLogged in users2021-09-08
List of course participantsLogged in users2018-08-27
Online tips from SEEDLogged in users2020-06-17
PhD student enrollment in master courseLogged in users2020-09-10
PlagiarismLogged in users2018-10-17
Program directorLogged in users2020-10-01
Publish course infoLogged in users2020-01-16
Reappeal gradesLogged in users2019-01-25
Recording lecturesLogged in users2021-04-22
Reimburse external teachersLogged in users2021-09-16
Report final gradeLogged in users2021-09-12
Report gradesLogged in users2021-03-26
Schedule and roomsLogged in users2019-06-26
Schedule basis (schemaunderlag)Logged in users2019-12-08
SchedulingLogged in users2018-08-24
Staffing coursesLogged in users2018-05-23
SupervisorLogged in users2018-10-31
Supplement examinationLogged in users2018-05-23
Teaching in external coursesLogged in users2021-09-16
TerminologyLogged in users2018-05-22
Transfer of creditsLogged in users2019-10-15
Written exams (salstenta)Logged in users2018-09-20
Yearly GRU admin cyclesLogged in users2021-05-04
Program coordinatorLogged in users2021-09-13
Head of departmentLogged in users2018-05-21
Heads of divisionLogged in users2018-05-18
PhD studentsLogged in users2018-12-18
Teachers' meeting notesLogged in users2021-09-08

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