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This overview shows the pages for your programme web. You can also see page permissions (who can read the page) and when the page was last modified. Overview, News feed, and Schedule are automatically created and not shown here.

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These pages are directed to the whole programme and positioned after the Calendar in the menu. Only programme level admins can edit the pages.

Page Can read Last changed
Resultat från projektkurserna i årskurs 1 och 2, VT 2012Administrators2016-05-03
AKP: Anmälan till kurs inom programStudents2020-11-13
FUNKA Stöd för studenter med funktionsnedsättningEveryone2020-02-25
Min utbildningStudents2022-08-15
PresentationerLogged in users2022-09-23
AKP anmälan till kurs inom programEveryone2022-01-28
Så här gör du ditt valStudents2020-11-13
Versionshantering, KTH GithubLogged in users2018-01-12
Årskurs 3, inför och under utbildningStudents2018-05-03
Kurslitteratur HT 2020Students2020-06-25
Kurslitteratur VT 2020Students2020-01-13

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Wiki pages are directed to the whole programme and placed under the wiki. All students and administrators can edit the pages.

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