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Inauguration of KTH Center for Sports Engineering

11 portraits of the speakers during the inauguration.
The speakers at the opening of the Center for Sports Technology.
Published May 15, 2023

Tuesday, June 13, the Center for Sports Engineering will be inaugurated at KTH Innovation, Teknikringen 1 in Stockholm.

Registered for the inauguration here


Registration and coffee 14:00 - 14:30

Opening remarks: 14.30 – 15.10

Anders Söderholm, President of KTH

Anders Larsson, Vice President of the Swedish Olympic Committee

Peter Mattsson , National Sports Confederation Elite Sports 2030

Overview of the centre, Gunnar Karlsson, Director

Coffee break

Research and innovation: 15.30 – 16.50

Most presentations will be held in Swedish.

MIPS – From biomechanical research at KTH to a revolutionary helmet technology sold worldwide

Madelen Fahlstedt , MIPS

Technology to decode, predict and enhance human movement

Elena Gutierrez Farewik , KTH

Our research is focused on quantifying movement strategies employed by the central nervous system and on unraveling the complex relationship between movement performance and underlying motor function, using a combination of experiments, simulation and device development.

New generations of ice rink technology developed in collaboration with KTH

Jörgen Rogstam , CEO, EKA – Energi & Kylanalys AB

An overview of the development of primarily the cooling/heating technology currently used in ice rinks and how it has gradually developed through a long-term collaboration between industry and academia.

From skiing to recovery

Christer Norström , entrepreneur

Christer will talk about his journey from a digital coach for skiing, Racefox, to working with structurally similar applications but in other areas.

Adaptive technology to follow the rhythm of the heart in sports

Seraina Dual , KTH

In order for athletes to perform best in endurance sports, the efficiency of the pumping of the heart is a key factor. However, the effects of sports activities on our heart are not very well studied and understood. We measure the effects of movement on the heart during exercise and study if the rhythmic alignment of the heart with stepping could have meaningful consequences to improve performance in sports.

Blue light and photocatalysis in swimming pools

Thord af Klintberg, KTH

The technology has been able to halve the addition of chlorine, which results in healthier swimming pool air and a longer lifespan for the swimming pool.

Digital Math – paradigm-shift in predictive simulation and STEM education

Johan Jansson , KTH and Icarus Digital Math

Paradigm-shift in predictive simulation recognized by NASA and Formula 1: Reliably design by simulation in the web browser, 100x faster and cheaper than industry standard.

The role of data visualization in sports engineering

Mario Romero Vega , KTH

Mario's short presentation will focus on examples where data visualization has advanced the science and research of Sports Engineering. Also, the talk will introduce the audience to InfraVis, the national research center for data visualization.

Quick Tour of the Fair: 4.50pm – 5.00pm

Presentations of stations in the fair. 

Mingle and Fair: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Students from the National Sports University at KTH

Presentations from master's students in sports technology at KTH:

  • WODPacer, Jitze van Esch och Mariah Sabioni
  • Bounce-O-Meter , Á.Ó.Ásmundsson och Y. Huang
  • Real Time AI Tennis Coach, Jorge Sánchez de la Vega och Ting-Yuan Huang

The Center for Sports & Business at the Stockholm School of Economics: aiming for a more research-driven sports world, Martin Carlsson-Wall, HHS

AquaForce,Jakub Juszkiewicz

VitaLab, Lidija Krakic, Martin Bergsand och Mojtaba Eshgie

RISE sports and health, Fredrik Stig, RISE

Digital motorized training & testing, demo and hands on, Anna-Carin Månsson and Manni Svensson, 1080Motion

Exxentric, Fredrik Correa, Exxentric

KTH MoveAbility Lab: Technology to decode, predict and enhance human movement, Lanie Gutierrez Farewik, KTH

Contact sports without weight classes with modern statistical methods, Martin Nilsson, RISE

Why you should run at your heart's pace, Aurora Rosato, KTH

Motion analysis with a depth camera from a drone, Martin Jacobsson, KTH

WRLD, Felix von Heland and Amir Namazi