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Research at KTH Center for Sports Engineering

Swedish sports lacks supporting engineering research. The Center for Sports Engineering therefore provides direct access to the latest results from basic research for all sports along with innovation activities.

The Center for Sports Engineering acts as a point of contact for all research issues related to sports and technology. The projects at the center involve everything from basic research to the commercialization of new products.

Many projects at the university have or can have a direct impact on sports practice, equipment, sports infrastructure and improved audience experience and engagement. Our intention is to consolidate this research in the center and to be an accessible point of contact for sports associations, leagues and companies. In return, the center provides university researchers with easy access to the application domains in sports for experimentation, data collection and actual use.

At KTH, we divide sports engineering into five broad research themes.

Sports Engineering Research Themes


Exercise, measurements, biomechanics, data analysis, and more.


Equipment, material, construction, design, etc.


Facilities, architecture, buildnings, sport halls, tracks, etc.


Events, spectator experience, security and safety, etc.


Inclusion, youth sports, active life style, etc.