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Graduate level courses, mathematics, 2011-2012

Fall 2011

Course Schedule Remark
Topics in mathematics I: Lie Algebras
Jens Hoppe
Room 3733
Mondays and Thursdays at 3-5 PM
Course start: October 3
Differential Geometry
Mattias Dahl
Room 3721, KTH
Mondays 10-12 AM
Course start: September 5
Commutative Algebra II
Ralf Fröberg
Room 306, SU
Wednesdays 9-11 AM
Course start: August 31
Homogenization, oscillation and randomness in PDE and FBP (FSF3620)
Henrik Shahgholian
Independent study
Course start: September 6
Room 3721, KTH


  1. To avoid the collision with the Combinatorics Seminar, the time may be changed.

The courses indicated by (*) in the course schedules will be taught both at the master's level and at the graduate level (avancerad nivå (C/D) and forskarnivå).

A general principle is that the lectures will be the same, but that the examination will be different. For a student, to pass the course on the graduate level, more will be required; the exact requirements will be decided by the teacher.

  • The standard situation is that master's students take such a course on the master's level and graduate students take it on the graduate level.
  • A graduate student can take a course outside his or her (broad) area of research on the advanced level. To obtain a passing grade, the student's results should be on a level equivalent to grade A or B for a master's student.
  • A master's student can take a course on the graduate level. The _only_ benefit of this is that the course can later, during graduate studies, be counted as a graduate course. Of course, it can then not be counted towards the master's exam.
  • It is not possible to pass the same course on two different levels.
  • The teachers will be required to clearly state the exact requirements for passing the course on each of the two levels.

Spring 2012

Course Schedule Remark
Fourier Analysis (6 cr)
Håkan Hedenmalm
Room 3721, KTH
Thursdays 1-3 PM and
Fridays 3-5 PM
Course start: February 2
Representation Theory of Finite and Compact groups (7.5 cr)
Sergei Merkulov
Room 306, SU
Thursdays 9-11 AM
Course start: January 26
Algebraic Geometry
Roy Skjelnes
Room 3733, KTH
Tuesdays 10-12 AM
Course start: January 31
Algebraic Combinatorics
Anders Björner
Room 3721, KTH
Tuesdays 1-3 PM
Course start: January 31
Quantum Graphs
Pavel Kurasov
Room 306, SU
Tuesdays 3-5 PM
Course start: January 24
Mathematical Foundations for Compressed Sensing
Jan-Olov Strömberg
Room 3733, KTH
Mondays 3-5 PM
Course start: February 6
Topos theory
Erik Palmgren
Room 306, SU
Course start: January 27, 10-12 AM  

Courses marked with * are offered both as advanced level courses and as graduate level courses.
More information will be announced later.