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Graduate level courses, mathematics, 2020-2021

The "broad courses" are supposed to be accessible and meaningful for all graduate students, not only those working in the particular subject area.

The "reading courses" are courses without traditional lectures. There should still be some form of regular course meetings where for example the participants present material for each other.

If not otherwise stated the courses are for 7.5hp credits.

Fall 2020



Modular forms  (broad course)

Lilian Matthiesen (KTH)

Geometric function theory

Alan Sola (SU), Fredrik Viklund (KTH)
Random Matrices Kurt Johansson (KTH), Maurice Duits (KTH), Kevin Schnelli (KTH)

Tropical Combinatorics and Geometry  (reading course)

Johannes Hofscheier (Nottingham), Katharina Jochemko (KTH)

Spring 2021

Combinatorial and Algebraic Statistics

Liam Solus (KTH), Kathlén Kohn (KTH)

Geometric group theory  (broad course) Sven Raum (SU)
Indefiniteness Annemarie Luger (SU)
Integrable Systems and Special Functions Masatoshi Noumi (KTH)

Intersection Theory and Moduli Spaces  (reading course, period 4 only)

Luca Schaffler (KTH)
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