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Graduate level courses, mathematics, 2016-2017

The "broad courses" are supposed to be accessible and meaningful for all graduate students, not only those working in the particular subject area.

The "reading courses" are courses without traditional lectures. There should still be some form of regular course meetings where for example the participants present material for each other.

If not otherwise stated the courses are for 7.5hp credits.

Fall 2016





Computational algebraic geometry  (reading course)


Mats Boij (KTH)
Samuel Lundqvist (SU)

Constructions in Dynamical Systems  (reading course)

  Kristian Bjerklöv (KTH)
Maria Saprykina (KTH)

Differential geometry  (broad course)

  Mattias Dahl (KTH)
Hans Ringström (KTH)
Mathematical analysis for all!  (broad course)   John Andersson (KTH)
Real and complex analysis  (fall 16 - spring 17; 15hp; reading course)   Fredrik Viklund (KTH)

Spring 2017





Algebraic topology  (broad course)   Gregory Arone (SU)
Tilman Bauer (KTH)
An introduction to pseudodifferential operators   Salvador Rodriguez-Lopez (SU)
Classical combinatorics  (reading course)   Petter Brändén (KTH)
Svante Linusson (KTH)
Realizability: computational interpretations of logic   Erik Palmgren (SU)
Topics in applied algebraic geometry   Alicia Dickenstein (KTH)
Sandra Di Rocco (KTH)
Matematikdidaktik för doktorander   Torbjörn Tambour (SU)
Algebraic stacks  (reading course)   David Rydh (KTH)