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Symposium + RTC on the Environmental Humanities

NIES Symposium V: "Environmental Humanities: Cultural perspectives on nature and the environment" ("Gröna humaniora: Kulturella perspektiv på natur och miljö"), Sigtuna Foundation 14-16 October 2011

Researcher Training Course: "Advancing Theory and Method in the Environmental Humanities", Sigtuna Foundation 14-19 October 2011

Thanks to 2 grants in 2 weeks (from RJ & NordForsk) NIES V in Sigtuna is a GO! Symposium + researcher training course (RTC) back to back, a full week of lectures, workshops & other stimulating activities focused on Environmental Humanities at the Sigtuna Foundation. Likely to be a signature European event in the Environmental Humanities this year! Please follow the links below for more information.

Conference Booklet including full proram 14-19 October 2011 (pdf 6,6 MB)

Please tell me more about the research symposium

I am more interested in the RTC!