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"The Environmental Humanities: Cultural Perspectives on Nature and the Environment"

An international research symposium to be held at Sigtunastiftelsen 14-16 October 2011.

An interdisciplinary research symposium focusing on the “Environmental Humanities” is to be held at Sigtunastiftelsen 14-16 October 2011. This event will feature a wide range of contributions from researchers in the humanities. Co-sponsored by the Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES) and the Division of the History of Science and Technology at KTH, as well as the Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS), SALT and the Faculty of Arts at Uppsala University, the symposium will showcase original research of a high international standard, while encouraging promising younger researchers, particularly from Sweden and the other Nordic countries, to make valuable contributions to this timely and growing field of interdisciplinary study. Among the symposium’s keynote speakers will be internationally leading humanities-based scholars whose research addresses nature, culture and the environment.

Symposium program

Conference Booklet including full proram 14-19 October 2011 (pdf 6,6 MB)

Guidelines for paper sessions

Guidelines for paper sessions (pdf 104 kB)

The venue

The symposium will be held at The Sigtuna Foundation. Find out more about this venue here .

How to get there

From Arlanda airport

From Arlanda airport you can take a taxi to Sigtuna which takes approximately 15 minutes. Ask for Taxi 020's fixed price from Arlanda to Sigtuna, and the driver to take you to "Sigtunastiftelsen" rather than to "The Sigtuna Foundation". Or you can take bus 583 to Märsta, where you will change to either bus 570 or 575 to Sigtuna. Another possibility is to take bus 803 from Arlanda directly to Sigtuna.

From Stockholm city centre

SL's commuter trains depart twice every hour from Stockholm to Märsta, or you can take SJ's trains from Stockholm to Märsta. In Märsta, outside the train station, you take bus 570 or 575 to Sigtuna. Both buses depart in connection to the arrival of SL's commuter trains.

From Uppsala

You can take SJ's trains from Uppsala to Märsta. In Märsta, outside the train station, you take bus 570 or 575 to Sigtuna. You can also take bus 181 from Uppsala railway station to Sigtuna, but you will have to change in Vassunda to bus 183.

This information has been borrowed from The Sigtuna Foundation's website .

Call for papers

CFP Environmental Humanities 14-16 Oct 2011 (pdf 68 kB)

cfp grön humaniora 14-16 okt 2011 (pdf 62 kB)