Courses, ITM/Industrial Economics and Management

Course name Scope Course code
Managing the Innovation Process from the Research Perspective 5.0 hp FME3526
Business Modeling and Development 15.0 hp FME3528
Business and Technology 7.5 hp FME3539
Researching Industrial Economics and Management: An Introduction 7.5 hp FME3532
Advanced Quantitative Methods 7.5 hp FME3531
Advanced Statistics 7.5 hp FME3523
Foundations of Industrial Dynamics 10.5 hp F4D5165
Econometrics 7.5 hp FME3543
Growth and Harvest 9.0 hp FME3529
Case Methods in Industrial Management 4.0 hp FME3538
Opportunity Recognition 6.0 hp FME3527
Industrial Management for EDIM 7.5 hp FME3535
Literature Studies in Industrial Engineering and Management 7.5 hp FME3537
Industrial Marketing 7.5 hp FME3521
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 7.5 hp FME3540
International Business 7.5 hp FME3525
Introduction to Research in Industrial Management for EDIM 7.5 hp FME3533
Classics in Industrial Management 7.5 hp FME3534
Buying Behaviour 7.5 hp FME3541
Qualitative Research Methods 7.5 hp FME3515
Quantitative Research Methods in Industrial Economics and Management 7.5 hp FME3518
Readings in Industrial Marketing 7.5 hp FME3524
Readings in Industial Management 7.5 hp FME3536
Macroeconomics 7.5 hp FME3545
Marketing Theory 7.5 hp FME3517
Marketing Communication 7.5 hp FME3519
Mathematics 7.5 hp FME3542
Microeconomics 7.5 hp FME3544
Words as Material 7.5 hp F4D5160
The Epistemology of Engineering, Science and Innovation 2.0 hp FME3505
Service Marketing 7.5 hp FME3530
Crafting a Publishable Paper for Scientific Journals 7.5 hp FME3520
Philosophy of Science and Knowledge Formation of Engineering 10.0 hp FME3513