Courses, ITM/Materials Science and Engineering

Course name Scope Course code
Artificial Materials 6.0 hp F4H5805
Advanced Course in Phase Transformations 6.0 hp F4H5103
Advanced Course in Alloy Theory 6.0 hp F4H5106
Advanced Process Science 8.0 hp FMH3904
Importance of Inclusions in the Processing of Steel Products 7.5 hp F4H5905
Deformation Mechanisms in Metals 7.5 hp F4H5202
Diffusion in Multicomponent Solids 9.0 hp F4H5109
Economic Process Analyse and Strategy 6.0 hp F4H5910
Electron Microscopy for High-Performance Steels and Other Alloys 6.0 hp FMH3100
Electronic Structures - Basic Theories and Computational Methods 6.0 hp FMH3703
Experimental Design and Setup 6.0 hp FMH3000
Phase Transformations in High Performance Materials: Driving Forces and Mechanisms 18.0 hp FMH3115
Phase Transformations I 6.0 hp F4H5101
Computational Solid State Physics 9.0 hp FMH3702
Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer 6.0 hp F4G5303
Research Planning and Supervision 6.0 hp F4H5900
Fundamental Basis for Modelling of Mass and Heat Transfer 6.0 hp F4H5923
Combustion Engineering 6.0 hp F4H5914
Casting Processing 6.0 hp F4G5302
Casting Processing 6.0 hp F4M5302
Basic Supervision 3.0 hp FMH3906
High Performance Materials for Demanding Applications 7.5 hp FMH3114
High-Performance Scanning Electron Microscopy 6.0 hp FMH3112
International Seminar in Material Processes 6.0 hp F4H5917
Introduction to the EMTO Program Package 1 9.0 hp FMH3700
ITM PhD Student Conference 2.0 hp FMH3306
Quantum Metallurgy- First- Principles Computational Tools for Materials Science 6.0 hp FMH3704
Alloy Theory I 6.0 hp F4H5104
Alloy Theory II 6.0 hp F4H5105
Macro Modeling of Metallurgical Processes I 6.0 hp F4H5906
Macro Modelling of Metallurgical Processes II 9.0 hp F4H5922
Material Optimisation 7.5 hp F4H5621
Micro Modelling in Process Metallurgy 12.0 hp F4H5916
Computational Techniques in Materials Science 9.0 hp F4H5919
Nanomechanics- Methods, Models and Materials 7.5 hp F4H5801
Production Plants 6.0 hp F4G5305
Steel Production Technology 6.0 hp F4H5921
Powder Processing 6.0 hp F4G5304
Clean Steel and Tundish Technology, Basic Course 6.0 hp F4H5909
Resourse Effectiveness at Steel Production - The Steel Eco-Cycle 6.0 hp FMH3902
Scanning Probe Microscopy 6.0 hp F4H5807
Seminar Course in Atomic- scale Materials Science 6.0 hp FMH3623
Seminar Course on Advanced Steels 6.0 hp FMH3110
Simulation of Diffusional Transformations 4.5 hp F4H5108
Damage Development at Elevated Temperature 9.0 hp F4H5616
Computational Thermodynamics- Assessment of Thermodynamic Properties 6.0 hp FMH3304
Applied Thermodynamics and Kinetics 6.0 hp FMH3305
Heat Treatment in Steel- It´s Physical Metallurgy 6.0 hp FMH3113