Courses, SCI/Mechanics

Course name Scope Course code
Current Problems in Mechanics I 4.5 hp FSG3030
Current Problems in Mechanics II 4.5 hp FSG3031
Current Problems in Mechanics III 4.5 hp FSG3032
Current Problems in Mechanics IV 6.0 hp FSG3129
Current Problems in Mechanics V 3.0 hp FSG3035
Current Problems in Fluid Mechanics I 3.0 hp FSG3102
Current Problems in Fluid Mechanics II 4.5 hp FSG3104
Current Problems in Fluid Mechanics III 4.5 hp FSG3121
Current Problems in Fluid Mechanics IV 6.0 hp FSG3126
Advanced Methods in Fluid Mechanics 7.5 hp FSG3134
Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Human Movement 7.5 hp FSG3084
Vehicle Aerodynamics 9.0 hp FSG3128
Foundations of Classical Mechanics 7.5 hp F5C5046
Gas Dynamics for Internal Combustion Engines 5.0 hp FSG3132
Engineering for a Sustainable Society 3.0 hp FSG3133
Journal Club in Biomechanics 4.0 hp FSG3086
Kinetic Gas Theory 7.0 hp FSG3131
Compressible Aerodynamics 9.0 hp FSG3113
Micro Fluid Flows 4.5 hp FSG3135
Non-linear Oscillations and Dynamical Systems 7.5 hp FSG3045
Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics 7.5 hp FSG3114
Uncertainty Analysis 5.0 hp FSG3130
Human Movement Analysis and Modeling 3.0 hp FSG3085
Integrated Course in Engineering Mechanics 7.5 hp FSG3119
Statistical mechanics for engineers 5.0 hp FSG3136
Wind Energy Aerodynamics 7.5 hp FSG3226
Perturbation Methods in Mechanics 7.5 hp FSG3123
Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics 6.0 hp FSG3224
Applications of Fundamental Fluid Dynamics 7.5 hp FSG3115
Turbulence 9.0 hp FSG3112
Wave Motions and Hydrodynamic Stability 7.5 hp FSG3122