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John Löfblom

John Löfblom is an Associate Professor since 2015 at the Division of Protein Technology at KTH and an expert on protein engineering technology. He received his PhD in 2008 and became Assistant Professor as part of a new tenure track program at KTH in 2011. Dr. Löfblom has published more than 40 peer-reviewed papers, filed more than eight patents, supervised three PhD students to dissertation and given over 15 invited lectures at international conferences. Within the Wallenberg Center for Protein Research, his group is developing  new protein-based drugs for targeting of angiogenesis with an initial focus on VEGFR2 that is a key receptor in progression of several different cancers as well as ophthalmic diseases. The main goal is to further develop and explore biparatopic antagonistic ligands for VEGFR2 with an unusual mechanism of binding to two distinct sites on the receptor (like a paper staple), resulting in pM affinity.

Dr Löfblom is principal investigator for the Next generation antibody therapeutics project.

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