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Systems Biology of the Druggable Proteome

This program aims to define a comprehensive list of potential targets for future drugs using a set of experimental and bioinformatics approaches, including integrative omics approach and metabolic modeling.

Also, in this program human cell factories are used to identify novel targets for metabolic engineering and to integrate these data into the Human Protein Atlas database.

The program consists of two projects:

1. Systems biology. Detailed genome-scale metabolic models, including description of protein secretion for human cell lines will be developed. Experimental data generated from data processing, e.g. RNAseq, will be analysed in context of the models. The data analysis will be visualized and used for identification of novel targets for pharmaceutical development.

2. The Metabolic Atlas. The Human Metabolic Atlas developed at Chalmers University (link) will be expanded and integrated with The Human Protein Atlas to a searchable database of human metabolism. The detailed metabolic models for human cells will be expanded to consider protein secretion, protein synthesis, and dedicated organelle function. Different types of omics data will be integrated into the generated metabolic models with the objective to identify novel biomarkers and drug targets.

Program Management

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Last changed: Aug 25, 2016