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Tissue Proteome

The overall objective of this program is to continue to develop the Tissue Atlas within the framework of the Human Protein Atlas  to create an atlas of spatial proteomics to show the localization of all human proteins in healthy and diseased human tissues. 

The project focuses on antibody-based protein expression profiling using standardized immunohistochemistry, combined with high-throughput mRNA sequencing (RNA-Seq). In 2015, a first draft of the tissue-based map of the human proteome was published.

The program will continue to develop the Tissue Atlas, with yearly releases focusing on two main projects:

  1. Integration of omics data. Integration with other available proteomic and transcriptomic datasets.
  2. Expert annotation, antibody validation and extended annotation to improve the quality and breedth of the Tissue Atlas.

Program Management

Belongs to: WCPR
Last changed: Aug 25, 2016